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Employment & Transition

VAVETS plans to offer advice, guidance, and mentoring to active reserve and guard Veterans as they plan their transition back to civilian life and their next career. We will work closely with our Virginia Veterans by providing them with one-on-one career counseling from our staff and volunteer network. We will also help them get enrolled in online courses, colleges, vocational training, or into our technical boot camps if needed; and we will support this transition training with mentor/protégé relationships. We will connect these Virginia Veterans with volunteer mentors working in their preferred field of employment in an effort to allow them to be better prepared to seek employment in that arena. VAVETS will also conduct local training on resume and cover letter writing, dress or success, and interviewing techniques.

Employment Assistance

VAVETS will not operate or manage a job board as we believe the job board market is over saturated, and has not been as effective for the Veteran community as it has been for those who operate the boards. We believe in the idea that it’s “all about who you know”. Virginia Veterans and their family members who are seeking employment are encouraged to upload their resume’s and a cover letter’s through our website describing your employment objectives,area of the state you seek employment, if you seek full or part time work, and tell us about your desired compensation.

Once received by VAVETS, our Veterans will be contacted by a staff member or a volunteer to review the submissions and request any additional information required. Veterans will receive guidance on improving theirresumes and, if need be, some level-setting on expectations. Veterans will be advised of additional qualifications required to be considered for their preferred job. Once the Veteran is ready to go to the job market, VAVETS will reach out to local communities and employers advocating on their behalf until they are successfully placed.

Mentor/Protégé Program

VAVETS Virginia Veteran Mentoring Program connects Veteran protégés with corporate and small business mentors for a year-long mentorship. Once paired (based on career objectives and professional experience), mentors and protégés define the goals of their mentorship together and focus on a successful transition from the active, reserve or guard workforce to the civilian workforce. Mentors have a wide variety of professional expertise, including defense, education, finance, insurance, healthcare, information technology, logistics, management, manufacturing, law enforcement, auto, marketing and retail.

Over the course of the year, all matched pairs will meet regularly regarding the Protégé’s career and training objectives. Mentors will work directly with our veterans and our corporate sponsors to tailor training plans that will result in increased and relevant employment opportunities.

Transition Program

VAVETS provides information, tools and training to ensure service members and their spouses are prepared for the next step in civilian life whether pursuing additional education, finding a  job in the public or private sector or starting their own business. VAVETS in collaboration with our industry sponsors and partners will provide mentorship and host workshops for separating service members and their spouses to help make their transitions more successful. Veterans will engage directly with fellow veterans who have successfully transitioned and corporations who are veteran-friendly employers.