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About Us

VAVETS, Inc. is a Virginia Corporation established on February 3, 2015, with its Federal 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit organization approved by the IRS on April 13, 2015. VAVETS exist for the sole purpose of providing “Local Support for Local Heroes”. Our mission is to ease the transition from military to private sector employment by operating an e-learning platform, tailored to courses that meet the skill gaps most desired by our corporate partners. We work directly with these partners to understand their skill shortages and make courses available to veterans 18 months prior to transition or once transitioned. Our veteran success counselors will develop tailored training plans to meet the goals of both our veterans and our corporate partners.

Our Veterans

  • We put our Veterans first
  • We strive to make them better
  • We listen, understand and help them succeed
  • We think and act locally with speed and compassion
  • By meeting the needs of our Veterans, our Nation will be stronger

Our Team

  • We turn our donations into skill gap training
  • We enable continual learning and development
  • We treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • We foster enthusiasm and celebrate diversity
  • By meeting the needs of our Team, our Veterans will be stronger

The Way We Do Business

We at VAVETS, staff and partners alike, are committed to providing training support services to our Veteran Community, and we do this with pride and respect toward those that we serve. Our reputation is fundamental to our ability to continue to serve the Veterans of the Commonwealth of  Virginia, and we therefore will ensure that our Veterans come first and that our local donations are delivered to our local heroes.

Board of Directors

Mark Failor

Erik Aastad

Mike McKay

Greg Early

Thomas Quigley

Dora Tann